Picture Jasper

These stones have been called Suiseki Guohua Stone, Dendritic Siltsone, Chinese Painting Stone, Picture Jasper and in the Guangxi Province of China where these stones come from they are also called Grass and Flower Stone. The patterns and colours in these stones are naturally embedded in the rock during their formation thousands even millions of years ago.These jaspers are a sedimentary rock and the colours are dependent on the minerals in the area where they were formed. A major factor in the design is as the silt from ancient rivers and lakes settle the water enriched the the various minerals, manganese and iron and various other minerals and sometimes even volcanic ash, flow and trickle down the fissures or fractures, and bedding planes between layers of silt, limestone and other rock types. The natural patterns are embedded permanently by heat and pressure and harden into rock over millions of years into what is actually petrified mud or siltstone. The formations making the pictures and patterns is referred to as dendrite. Because of the treelike features, these dendritic mineral patterns are sometimes so amazing that they have often been mistaken for fossil plants.

I found these amazing stones in Quartsite and fell in love. I hope my adornments reflect my passion for picture jasper.